Nancy Yuridia Silva Michel


PR & Advertising




I need to share what I know. For me, every day is an opportunity to be better at what I do, and to do what I love. I like to surround myself with people, learn about them. An important part of being humans is to leave a trace of goodness behind — otherwise, why do we live? The knowledge is meant to be shared. People spend more and more time looking at their phones or laptops and less on the streets. That’s why I love Digital Marketing, it empowers you to be with your audience, right where they are.




Social Media Strategist, Pacific3

March 2014 – Current

My first freelancer project. Pacific3 is a digital media agency that I co-founded with my boyfriend. We create marketing campaigns and do occasional product development.

Social Media Account Manager, MIA creativos

July 2013 – March 2014
I created strategic marketing campaigns for the agency’s clients, primarily on Facebook. I was also in charge of the internal communication of the company.

Social Media Strategy, Rino Azul

January de 2013 – June de 2013

At Rino Azul I managed the social profiles of the agency’s clients, which were mostly foreign brands and organisations, including their full web presence. WordPress and Google Ads were my primary tools for these tasks, on top of Facebook and Twitter.




Universidad de Colima’s Conexion-es 7 2013

Diseñando tu estrategia Online con @AlvaroFerreiraO 2014

Taller de fotografía at Insight Camp 2014

Marketing Político 2015

Creatividad e innovación con la metodología Lego Serious Play 2015


Personal Projects

Its my blog, as space to talk about my interest and share my knowledge on social media, design and politic.




Spanish (native speaker)

English lvl B2




Social Skills, Logistics, Leadership, Easy to Talk to, Team Work, Creativity, eager to help others and to share knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit.




Primaria y secundaria at Instituto Cambridge

Bachillerato 1 at Universidad de Colima

Lic. Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas 2013 – Current (7th semester)




Social Media, Marketing, Politic Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising , Blogging




Voluntariado de la Universidad de Colima

August 2012 – December 2012

We collect clothes and toy for kids and persons for communities with low resources, also we visited the elderly at their retirement houses to play and share with them.

Campañas en Patitas Caninas

August 2014 – December 2014

We proposed and implemented a digital/traditional campaign to raise awareness of the problem that stray dogs represent and to promote adoption.


Yuri Silva.

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